6/23 Belmont Park SHOWtime Contest - Horseplayer Selections & Real-Time Results

NameBelmont Park #5PendingGulfstream Tropical #7PendingBelmont Park #6PendingGulfstream Tropical #8PendingBelmont Park #7PendingGulfstream Tropical #9Pending
Abner D0.00Candy Road[1]Wiwi Celebration[5]Lex Vegas[5]Mozo Bello[6]Needs No Ice[11]Dudicious[9]
Ainars P.0.00One Cool Kitten[2]Steps[3]Hey Jabber Jaw[8]Homeboy[7]Dream Passage[7]Sister Drama[6]
Steven. Richards0.00One Cool Kitten[2]Girl At War (IRE)[1]Big Guy Ian[6]Garter and Tie[5]New Pass[8]Two Step Blues[8]
mathew j0.00Long Eyelashes[9]Steps[3]Hey Jabber Jaw[8]Spinoff[4]Chiclet's Dream[10]Two Step Blues[8]
Paul K0.00Tequila Sunday[8]Kintra[6]Mission Command[7]Spinoff[4]Dream Passage[7]Sister Drama[6]
jeffrey c0.00One Cool Kitten[2]Kintra[6]Tale of E Dubai[1]Spinoff[4]Lovely La La[6]Two Step Blues[8]
dennis m0.00One Cool Kitten[2]Girl At War (IRE)[1]Big Guy Ian[6]Seanow[2]Chiclet's Dream[10]Fast Mama[10]
Mitchel b 0.00Long Eyelashes[9]One Wild Chic[7]Hey Jabber Jaw[8]Spinoff[4]New Pass[8]Stormy Arabella[4]
Robbert b 0.00Long Eyelashes[9]One Wild Chic[7]Hey Jabber Jaw[8]Reservenotattained[9]New Pass[8]Sister Drama[6]
donald b 0.00Long Eyelashes[9]Girl At War (IRE)[1]Hey Jabber Jaw[8]Spinoff[4]Lovely La La[6]Sister Drama[6]
donald b0.00Long Eyelashes[9]One Wild Chic[7]Hey Jabber Jaw[8]Spinoff[4]Lovely La La[6]Sister Drama[6]
Jeff M0.00Long Eyelashes[9]Steps[3]Big Guy Ian[6]Hard Count[3]New Pass[8]Fast Mama[10]

Welcome to the 6/23 SHOWtime online handicapping showdown - ready to compete for a $500 prize purse? Click HERE for SHOWtime rules and regulations, participation is free for account holders. Contestants must choose one entry per race that you believe will finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the corresponding races listed below. If you choose a successful show entry for each race, you will qualify for a share of the $500 prize purse - top accumulative SHOW pricing decides the winners. Please e-mail support@showtimecontests.com with any questions.

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3rd Place Winner
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