10/20 "3x CARRYOVER" SHOWtime Contest - Horseplayer Selections & Real-Time Results

NameBelmont Park #5PendingBelmont Park #6PendingBelmont Park #7PendingBelmont Park #8PendingBelmont Park #9PendingBelmont Park #10Pending
Abner D0.00Conquest Hardcandy[5]Kid Chocolate[6]Time Warp[5]Analyzethisandthat[12]Rosyjersey[5]Blugrascat's Smile[1]
Jose pardo0.00Lady Joan[3]Not That Brady[7]Cartwheelin Lulu[7]Poppy's Destiny[1]Hay Field[4]Control Group[3]
troy brown0.00Fifty Five[7]Beachside[14]Elegant Zip[9]Dugout[6]Take Charge Aubrey[2]Pat On the Back[10]
paul aswad0.00Wegetsdamunnys[1]Wicked Grin[1]Elegant Zip[9]Dugout[6]Frostie Anne[6]Can You Diggit[4]
Michael Pawluk0.00Munchkin Money[4]Kosciuszko[10]Elegant Zip[9]Poppy's Destiny[1]Land Mine[11]Pat On the Back[10]
Ainars P.0.00Wegetsdamunnys[1]Lost in Manhattan[11]Elegant Zip[9]Bankit[4]Land Mine[11]Can You Diggit[4]
Paul K0.00La Moneda[6]Qian B C[5]Cartwheelin Lulu[7]Poppy's Destiny[1]Split Time[9]Pat On the Back[10]
Stavros votsis0.00Wegetsdamunnys[1]Big Paddy Brown[9]Surge of Pride[2]Bankit[4]Hay Field[4]Wine Not[7]
John 3160.00Wegetsdamunnys[1]Kosciuszko[10]Elegant Zip[9]Poppy's Destiny[1]Take Charge Aubrey[2]Can You Diggit[4]
mike desano0.00Fifty Five[7]Beachside[14]Kept True[11]Dugout[6]Bonita Bianca[12]Can You Diggit[4]
Joseph Church0.00Fifty Five[7]Wicked Grin[1]Galadriel's Light[8]Dugout[6]Hay Field[4]Pat On the Back[10]
William Church0.00Fifty Five[7]Ro Jo[3]Kept True[11]Bankit[4]Take Charge Aubrey[2]Pat On the Back[10]
Kimberly Herbs0.00Lady Joan[3]Ro Jo[3]She's Trouble[4]Dugout[6]Take Charge Aubrey[2]Can You Diggit[4]
Shayron Wagner 0.00Fifty Five[7]Beachside[14]She's Trouble[4]Bankit[4]Frost Wise[1]Pat On the Back[10]
Don kiernan0.00Lady Joan[3]Wicked Grin[1]Surge of Pride[2]Dugout[6]Take Charge Aubrey[2]Wine Not[7]
tom deering0.00Wegetsdamunnys[1]Beachside[14]Cartwheelin Lulu[7]Dugout[6]Frostie Anne[6]Can You Diggit[4]
rick r0.00Fifty Five[7]Wicked Grin[1]She's Trouble[4]Dugout[6]Land Mine[11]Wine Not[7]
Joe F0.00Wegetsdamunnys[1]Ro Jo[3]Cartwheelin Lulu[7]Bankit[4]Rosyjersey[5]Twisted Tom[5]
Jason b0.00La Moneda[6]Exchange Fever[2]Elegant Zip[9]Bankit[4]Hay Field[4]Control Group[3]
Daniel Dineen0.00Fifty Five[7]Exchange Fever[2]Cartwheelin Lulu[7]Dugout[6]Hay Field[4]Pat On the Back[10]
bill/anita carter0.00La Moneda[6]Ro Jo[3]Elegant Zip[9]Dugout[6]Frost Wise[1]Pat On the Back[10]
Clyde J0.00Lady Joan[3]Kosciuszko[10]Maiden Beauty[1]Dugout[6]Frostie Anne[6]Control Group[3]
ron t0.00La Moneda[6]Ro Jo[3]Elegant Zip[9]Dugout[6]Frost Wise[1]Pat On the Back[10]
jeffrey c0.00Wegetsdamunnys[1]Kosciuszko[10]Cartwheelin Lulu[7]Dugout[6]Frostie Anne[6]Control Group[3]
dennis m0.00Wegetsdamunnys[1]Wicked Grin[1]Cartwheelin Lulu[7]Dugout[6]Frostie Anne[6]Can You Diggit[4]
Mark Fleming0.00La Moneda[6]Kosciuszko[10]Kept True[11]Albie[9]Take Charge Aubrey[2]Sea Foam[8]
Scott0.00War Canoe[2]Exchange Fever[2]Elegant Zip[9]Bankit[4]Hay Field[4]Hit It Once More[9]
fsbigt0.00Fifty Five[7]Kosciuszko[10]Kept True[11]Dugout[6]Bonita Bianca[12]Can You Diggit[4]
Rick M0.00Wegetsdamunnys[1]Wicked Grin[1]Elegant Zip[9]Dugout[6]Take Charge Aubrey[2]Can You Diggit[4]
Lori W.0.00Fifty Five[7]Kosciuszko[10]Galadriel's Light[8]Poppy's Destiny[1]Bonita Bianca[12]Pat On the Back[10]
Randy C0.00Lady Joan[3]Wicked Grin[1]Cartwheelin Lulu[7]Poppy's Destiny[1]Hay Field[4]Can You Diggit[4]
Ralph Murphy0.00La Moneda[6]Not That Brady[7]Elegant Zip[9]Dugout[6]Take Charge Aubrey[2]Pat On the Back[10]
EGomez0.00Fifty Five[7]Qian B C[5]Cartwheelin Lulu[7]Poppy's Destiny[1]Frost Wise[1]Control Group[3]
Larry Hayes0.00Wegetsdamunnys[1]Wicked Grin[1]Cartwheelin Lulu[7]Dugout[6]Hay Field[4]Can You Diggit[4]
Carlos 0.00Fifty Five[7]Exchange Fever[2]Kept True[11]Dugout[6]Frostie Anne[6]Evaluator[6]
Christy M-S.0.00Wegetsdamunnys[1]Ro Jo[3]She's Trouble[4]Bustin to Be Loved[13]Frost Wise[1]Pat On the Back[10]
Eddiehage0.00La Moneda[6]Qian B C[5]Surge of Pride[2]La Fuerza[10]Land Mine[11]Pat On the Back[10]
Tom W.0.00Fifty Five[7]Wicked Grin[1]Cartwheelin Lulu[7]Dugout[6]English Soul[7]Sea Foam[8]
Rich I0.00Fifty Five[7]Kosciuszko[10]Short Pour[10]La Fuerza[10]Bonita Bianca[12]Pat On the Back[10]
Tony M0.00La Moneda[6]Ro Jo[3]Elegant Zip[9]Dugout[6]Frostie Anne[6]Can You Diggit[4]
Robert Stoddard0.00Fifty Five[7]Kosciuszko[10]Cartwheelin Lulu[7]Bankit[4]Take Charge Aubrey[2]Can You Diggit[4]

Welcome to the 10/20 SHOWtime online handicapping showdown - ready to compete for a "3x Carryover" $1,500 prize purse? Click HERE for SHOWtime rules and regulations, participation is free for account holders. Contestants must choose one entry per race that you believe will finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the corresponding races listed below. If you choose a successful show entry for each race, you will qualify for a share of the $500 prize purse - top accumulative SHOW pricing decides the winners. Please e-mail support@showtimecontests.com with any questions.

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